“21 days of Ayurvedic treatment are able to cure any physical, mental or spiritual illness”. Rishis, India


ABHYANGA is a Sanskrit word, which means application of oil throughout the body. The ancient Ayurvedic textbooks recommend it as an integral part of the daily routine for all who wish good health and longevity of life. It is relaxing and refreshing. A full body massage with herbal medicinal oils to take care of the physical, mental and emotional well-being of the person while balancing the doshas.

Ayurveda is the oldest healing science, based on an herbal medication, massage, yoga, food and the process of purification or panchakarma. Among them, the massage is highly praised and recommended as a daily practice. It is usually done in the morning before bathing or showering to facilitate the release of toxins accumulated during the previous night. The massage is usually done with herbal powder, herbal oils, ghee, hot pindas or khiris. The selection of the oil or medicine depends on the constitution of the body (dosha), the age, the type of disease and the season of the year. The Ayurvedic oil massage is called Abhyanga and is always practiced alone or combined with other therapies. Ayurvedic massage includes the massage of marma points (vital points or pressure points) and chakras (energy centers). It is usually fast, repetitive, rhythmic and hypnotic with many long movements that run through the muscles and joints.

Here are some benefits of ayurvedic oil massage:


  • El masaje de cuerpo entero o abhyanga retrasa el proceso de envejecimiento y da un hermoso brillo a la piel.
  • Nutre la piel dándole al cuerpo movimientos curvos agradables.
  • Aumenta el calor corporal y mejora la circulación.
  • Aumenta el flujo sanguíneo que da oxígeno a los tejidos.
  • Elimina la resistencia del cuerpo a la enfermedad al mejorar la respuesta inmune.
  • El masaje hace que el cuerpo se sienta ligero, activo y enérgico.
  • Elimina la rigidez de las articulaciones, mejorando la postura y la gracia del movimiento.
  • El masaje hace que la columna vertebral sea flexible, mejorando el suministro de nervios a los órganos y a todas las partes del cuerpo.
  • Aumenta la resistencia y la vitalidad sexual.
  • El masaje corrige el flujo de energía electromagnética en todo el cuerpo.
  • Mejora la concentración y la inteligencia.
  • Aumenta la conciencia del cuerpo, la autoconfianza y la fuerza de voluntad.
  • El masaje es rejuvenecedor y conserva las cualidades juveniles.
  • Si no es posible realizar masajes diarios en todo el cuerpo, se deben masajear al menos los pies o la cabeza. Un masaje de pies antes de acostarse y un masaje de cabeza cada tres días son muy útiles.
  • Además:

Aging: The Abhyanga massage helps maintain life and people can live a normal healthy life in balance (longevity or Ayush) It is done with the help of sesame oil, mustard or almond, it is applied to the spine, the head, the feet, eliminates the effects of old age and increases longevity.

Fatigue: passive exercise, cleanses the stress of the muscles, removes toxins from organs, cells, tissues and blood. And it tones the muscles and the nerves. Rub, pat, squeeze the muscles and add sandalwood oil to the oil mixture. Adding a hot oil like mint, eucalyptus or mustard helps fatigue due to the accumulation of toxins.

Nervous disorders: alterations of the nerves and correct the problem associated with the aging process. Attend to the spine, neck, head and feet before bedtime. Use coconut oil, with large pressure using index fingers. Also massage the nostrils with ghee, ingest triphala every morning, wash the eyes with ghee.

Nourishing: After several Abhyanga massages the toxins are released from the body and flow to another elimination site, expelling in the form of urine, feces and sweat. Then, we perform abhyanga again to nourish the tissues, plasma, blood, fat, bones and fluids. It is necessary to rub, press and knead well so that the medicine penetrates the body.

Sleep: The Abhyanga helps to recover from the mental, physical and emotional activities of the day, eliminating daily stress. Eliminates toxins, calms the nerves, balances the body and mind with nature and helps the person to adapt naturally to the daily rhythms. In addition, rubbing oil on the feet and tightening the areas before going to bed is very beneficial.

Balancing doshas: The Abhyanga helps keep the three doshas balanced. According to the condition of each dosha in particular, a different oil is used for massage. Mixes of sesame oil in general for Vata. Sesame, mustard or canola oil is good for kapha, and sesame and coconut oil is also mixed for Pitta.