Ayurveda & Chinese traditional medicine

For more than four thousand years, the Chinese, by observing the phenomena of nature and how they affected man, began to build the foundations of Traditional Chinese Medicine (M.T.C.). They observed the universe and summarized the existence of man as the relationship between heaven and earth, or what is the same, between the father and the mother that generate all life. Man is the fruit of that relationship between a thought and matter, resulting in the miracle of life. According to Chinese Medicine, the human body is divided into three parts: a physical part, a mental part and a deeper part that refers to our spirit. The set of these three interrelated bodies must be in harmony, if any of these parts ceases to be is when the disease appears .. Through the MTC we treat the individual as a whole and not the disease as something isolated, considering each individual differently and unique from the rest.


    What is the procedure that M.T.C follows?

    The first thing that qualifies TCM is that the body, apart from being constituted by organs, blood, organic liquids, muscles, bones and other systems, has a component that makes all these elements come alive and interrelate, producing the correct functioning of the body . the wonderful machinery that is our body.

    This essential component described in the M.T.C is the “Qi” which is the vital energy that our parents left us genetically and that which we take care of and potentiate with what we eat, breathe and feel. This “Qi” goes through circuits where this energy called meridians moves, each of them has different functions not only on the physiological organs but also in their functional sphere. Along each of these meridians are the energy points that have a certain function, depending on the patient and the pathology to be treated.

    Apart from the “Qi”, the M.T.C considers two philosophical theories of Taoism that constantly use to balance this energy, which are the Yin-Yang and the 5 energies that refer to the nature and character of the vital energy “Qi”.

    What treatment methods does M.T.C use?

    ACUPUNCTURE: insertion of very fine needles in the energy channels.

    MOXIBUSTION: heat stimulation of the energy points based on artemiss grass.

    SUCTION CUPS: glass cups that suck the skin unblocking the energy channels.

    DIGITOPRESION: Stimulation of the energy points with the fingers of the hands.

    AURICULOPUNCTURE: energetic reflex points of the ear.

    FOOD: guidelines for a healthy and balanced diet.

    QI GONG: Chinese energy gymnastics.

    BREATHING TECHNIQUES: exercises of inspiration and guided expiration.

    TUI NA THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE: Specific massage of points and areas related to acupuncture points.

    Some of the imbalances that the M.T.C treats:

    – Nervous system (stress, anxiety, mood, smoking, addictions … etc).

    -Articular and muscular problems (pains, contractures, sciatica, lumbago, knee, elbows, shoulders, back .. etc)

    -Digestive, circulatory and respiratory disorders.

    -Problems of sleep, acute headaches.

    – Thinning, cellulitis, infertility, etc.

    The session:

    Duration: 60-90 minutes
    Price: First session € 60 (Next sessions: € 50 per session)


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